5 Basic Tips for Natural Hair Beginner’s



For those new and trying to get their curls back and healthy, my big piece of advice is to be patient. If you see many girls curly hair stories or even mine, the journey takes time (hence it being called a journey) so I say enjoy it! And don’t worry too much about your hair not being as curly as you see others, keep up a good routine and your curls will be back in before you know it!


2.Weekly Hair Masks

I never used to do this regularly, but EVERY time I do they make a great difference, especially if you have gone through a lot of heat damage over the years, these are your life savers from the very start. There are lots of hair masks out there for different problems, get yourself one and incorporate this into your weekly routine. I also use oils as an overnight mask too which is a great alternative.

3. Start Finger Detangling

From the beginning, I was always very stubborn about finger detangling. I never practised it even despite knowing at the back of my mind I knew it was better than brushing the knots out of my hair and stretching my curl pattern. However, more recently I’ve taken a new approach and now do it religiously and  I now highly recommend learning to start doing this as you will find you begin to see a change in your hair and how your curl pattern restores.


4. Be Kind To Your Hair

When I say be kind to your hair I mean stop using harsh chemicals, such as sulphates and silicones. At first, it may seem daunting but there are so many products now that don’t contain these chemicals that are catered to curly hair, A lot of products I review are CG friendly so have a browse. Other ways to be kind to your hair include using a micro fibre towel and sleeping on a satin pillowcase!

5. Get Rid of Dead Ends

For your hair to really start to shine and grow healthy it’s sometimes best to get rid of dead ends as they won’t do your hair justice. If you’re scared of a big chop, no fear! simply have trims every few months and take extra care of yours ends, but trust me it’s easier to get your hair back when you eliminate the damaged ends that prevent your hair from its true potential.



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