Review: CurlFlo – The Collapsible Diffuser



Seal in moisture and keep the natural look of your curls or waves. This diffuser is great for travel as it collapses for packing and fits on most blowdryers.

I recently received the Curl Flo collapsible diffuser as part of their giveaway via Instagram! I was so surprised as I don’t enter many giveaways (I find them annoying sorry!) and I never ever expect to win them. I entered this one specifically because as most of you don’t know my diffuser head has been a shambles for the past year now, to the point where it literally falls off when I use it. It won’t attach properly, which has prolonged the diffusing process and really just caused a lot of irritation.

Now your probably wondering why I didn’t just buy a new one… believe me I did, twice! Unforantley the same diffuser is no longer in stock, and the others I bought didn’t seem to work as well… I mean my hair was just being blown away, and the holes were far too large. I was stubborn and unhappy.

Enter Curl Flo.


I had no idea what to expect when using this and hadn’t read too many reviews, but began seeing it all over Instagram which peaked my interest enough! The material is rubbery silicone, making it flexible enough to collapse but still strong enough to stand. There are loads more holes in this than other diffusers I’ve seen. I can tell you now I’ve noticed a massive difference in my hair when using this. It REALLY does seal in moisture, which is amazing! I’ve found it does not overheat and does not collapse when using, maybe if you have heavy hair you may have problems but I’ve not had any. My hair is so much bouncier, I feel no air blowing up which is great, no curls flying around! At first, it was weird using this but I’m getting used to it and loving the low maintenance of it. One note is that I did find this difficult to put on my hairdryer at first, but it did squeeze on and stay put so if it’s looking like it won’t fit just give a good push.



I want to keep this short and sweet so I’ll go out right and say it. If you have curly hair (which I’m assuming so because of your reading this) BUY THIS. You will need it. I am so so happy I won this because it’s also perfect for travelling, another problem solved! Packing a solid diffuser was hell. This collapsible diffuser is a game changer and so genius to me. I now really believe all curlies should have this and will be recommending to everyone I meet now.





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