Beginner’s Guide to Finger-Detangling


I’ve said this a lot recently but I am a newly converted finger detangler! I know a lot of curly girls already do this and for some years now I’ve been too stubborn/unable to do it myself. This has resulted in using a hair brush to untie my knots and stretch my curl pattern which is a no no! So I got thinking… I couldn’t have been the only curly girl who struggled with detangling there hair? so here are my 4 tips for beginners who, like me, could not finger detangle for the life of them!

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First things first you need to find a conditioner that really penetrates your hair and gives you enough slip. This is half trial and error and half application. In regards to trial and error, I’ve tried a lot of conditioners and also been in two separate cities which had soft and hard water. This greatly affects the way your conditioner works for your hair also. Take this is mind when researching. So first, before you can finger detangle, nail down a conditioner that works best for you.


The application is key. And I can imagine this differs from person to person. I used to apply conditioner to drenched soaking hair, however over time and using harder water  I found that this was not working at all. My hair was still knotty and did not feel moisturised at all. So I started applying the conditioner to wet hair that I had squeezed the excess water out of. This simple trick I found made the conditioner penetrate the hair much more for me, also sometimes, lightly towel drying your hair and then applying can also work for some conditioners.

Secondly, I then wait a few minutes for it to sink into the hair properly before I even attempt to finger detangle! This has worked wonders for me when using a conditioner, remember always try different ways of application and methods before ruling out a new product.

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This one may seem a no brainer but nailing down your method will really help you to create a routine for yourself and help you to finger detangle every time you shower. I start usually start at the bottom combing through my hair. I have started to do this upside down but do whatever works for you. I then simply make my way up always coming back down, just like a real comb would do. And have patience when dealing with the knots and gently as you can pull them out.

Up Keep

I learned in my quest to seriously start finger detangling, that the upkeep of my hair contributed to how easy it was for me to keep the routine in place. I had my hair trimmed some months back and I noticed right away how much easier it was to finger detangle. No more dead ends. If you’re having trouble finger detangling at the end of your hair, maybe it’s time for a trim?

Additionally, in regards to upkeep, I find that once you start finger detangling you have to look after the condition of your hair over the next few days until the next wash day. For example, I don’t wear my hair down to bed or allow it get too knotty until I wash it again. However, if I did, it would make things much more time consuming and difficult when trying to detangle my hair using my fingers.

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And there you go! if you have any tips or advice please comment below!


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  • Candi says:

    Love your blog! Please check mine out and subscribe/comment back if you like ?

  • Nishka Nachappa says:

    Finger detangling is truly the best technique for every curlie. All that time when I used to be miserable thinking my hair shall never grow past my shoulders….the concept of finger detangling has come to me as a true saviour for my hair. I too believe in finger detangling on damp hair. Because there isn’t enough moisture that prevents you from working out all those stubborn tangles and knots and there’s enough moisture to help your hair stretch and not break. I always finger detangle on damp hair with conditioner before washing it if my hair is seriously tangled. If not, I reserve this for the end when I have gently blotted out all the extra water with a old cotton tee, applied my leave-in that has great slip, let it work on my hair for around 5 minutes. Works really well for me ?

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