Review: Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask

Hello, Curlies!

In May, I attended the Afro Hair & Beauty Show in London, and met some curlies from Instagram for the first time! It was so nice to meet some of them in person, Priya, Zoe aka ThecurlSquadJanice who just moved from the US! , Lettscurls, Sammi and Natasha! Give them all a follow on Insta!! All lovely ladies and so welcoming, couldn’t have been a better introduction!

On my way there I realised I hadn’t bought any curly hair products for a long time now and so at the show my mission was to hunt for a new wow product to include into my routine. The Curl Squad (Zoe)  recommended me this and so Priya and myself bought a tub each! We both received a sample of the curls blueberry bliss curl control jelly, which I was happy to also try out.


Certified organic Blueberry Extract Aloe Leaf Juice and Chamile Exract

First impressions were good! I’ve never been a fan of the smell of blueberries but this was blueberry and something else, a hint of vanilla? I don’t know but it was sweet and creamy like a dessert! The cream is quite thick, you only need a coin size (for my hair anyway) and once you rub that into your palms it spreads quite thinly and with no sticky residue. I apply this product to damp hair, and I let it sink in for a few seconds and then finger detangle. This hair mask is so good for me because I am able to easily finger detangle! which I think is great for a hair mask to do as I usually apply to knotted dishevelled hair most of the time (Please don’t judge me !)

If you have never finger detangled or find you’re struggling to why not read my new guide here


I like to leave my hair masks on overnight and wash my hair in the morning.But this can easily work just as well as it recommends to leave it on for 15 or 25 minutes which will be more than enough for that boost. My curls can get a bit loose and dry, and I found this hair mask really works wonders to treat that! It really did what it says on the tub:

Soften, detangle, moistuise, condition and hydrate your curls while repairing damage, protecting against breaking, and encouraging hair growth

I am very impressed by this product by how much I get in the tub to how little I need to use. I’ve tried quite a few hair masks etc in the past but I really like using this one because it allows me to finger detangle easily and I feel it does the job with giving my hair that deep moisture. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this if you have tried it too? let me know in the comments!


Side Note: As I’ve also mentioned I received a sample with this purchase of the curls blueberry bliss curl control jelly. Now I’m in two minds to review this because I hated it but if you’re interested in my full honest review COMMENT below!


You can buy CURLS products over at Antidote Street

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