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Once upon a time, I had no idea how to care for my curly hair. I didn’t even know I needed products for my hair, let alone where to buy said products. I just assumed I was dealt a bad hand in life! It wasn’t un till the internet came about! For those who may be younger reading this the internet was not that common in households, and the phrase ‘Just google it’ was never an answer. Now I always know I have the internet for my questions and it’s great to live in a world where all the information is at your fingertips!

So for my fellow curlies and afro textured girls and ladies, I thought I’d write a bit of a master post sharing all the sites and places where I know you can purchase the best products for your hair! They are a good variety and I’m sure I’ve missed some out. There has been a real boom in online retails these past few years and I’m happy to see them being owned by black women! Let’s give our independent online retailers some love! <3



The British Curlies Shop

This was the first place online I ever bought curly hair products that I loved. I love this site and this shop so much brings back a lot of nostalgia for when I was trying to get my curls back. I would equate this to the British version of the US site naturally curly. This is a site every British curly should check in on all the time. They always do seasonal deals so always great to check out! I do find them on the pricier side so those deals are always great.


Antidote Street

Current Deals: Sign Up & get 10% off

There inspiration :

The desire to revolutionise access to black hair and skin care products in the UK. You name it, we have experienced it. Like spotting that amazing product on a popular blog which is not available in the UK; ordering from the States and paying twice the amount in shipping; or finding it this side of the water but have to travel further afield to purchase it.

I haven’t bought anything from Antidote Street, like most of the online retailers listed here, but I LOVE the visual aesthetic of Antidote Street and it’s accessibility to black women. It’s a proud site that showcases some of the best British brands for afro textured hair, which I love! I will be making purchases from this site very soon! I encourage all UK curlies to go check this one out!



The Good Hair Club

Current Deals 15% first purchase

I first discovered this retailer on Instagram and LOVED their product photography. It was so unique and really showcased the UK  brands. Describing their store as:

We’re your online bathroom cupboard packed with organic and natural haircare products to suit your unique needs.

I was instantly engaged. Again I am yet to buy anything, I don’t have the pennies just yet but I do plan to make my next purchases from these online retailers! Much like Antidote street, this shop featured a lot of home made products, all the more great in my eyes!


logo (1)

My Luxe Beauty

Current Deals: 20% off Mane choice & Obia Naturals

This online retailer stock a wide range of brands and also cater to men! I think this is brilliant, and also have a section for kids. Reading about the founder’s story:

 Have you ever read a blog or watched a YouTube video, and thought that you would love to try a product that unfortunately, was unavailable in the United Kingdom or Europe?

I could relate straight away! This is one of the biggest issues I had when first transitioning, so it’s good that online shops like this are now popping up and opening up the accessibility!


logo (3).png

Naturalistic Products

Another one! This retailer has some more brands in stock, such as Carol’s Daugther, Jane Carter Solution and Bounce Curl which is hard to not see on Instagram! (Hopefully, i’ll try it out before the end of this year!) and which I haven’t actually seen anywhere else on these other sites i’ve mentioned. If your looking for some US products this is a great site with a great selection!


logo (2).png

Curl Bay

Now, I have made a purchase from this site, simply because I was looking for some Deva Curl Products! I think most of us are! I discovered Curl Bay on Instagram, and I ordered pretty quickly as soon as I saw they stocked Deva Curl and delivered in the UK with no crazy high price! This is the only UK retailer I know that stocks Deva Curl, and I pray it never goes. They also stock other well known US brands that you may have struggled to find. The delivery was SUPER quick! could not recommend highly enough. I will be purchasing more Deva Products from this store, if interested make sure to read my review of the One Conditioner HERE!



Curly Essence

Current Deals: 15% off all products! using their coupon

I think this website might have been made just for me. I included this one because it’s stocks UK curly hair products and ships out to Europe which is great!

 Curly Essence founders decided to combat the lack not only in the Portuguese but also in the European market to help Naturalistas untwist their c u r l s with the best products and bring their story and voice to life through the newest online store

but it does have high prices for shipping UK buyers. This website is full of fun stuff though, interviews, features and lots of informative info for curly girls. I love pink! which is my main theme so this is a website I really love visiting <3



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