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The tag line to my blog is ‘ALL THINGS HAIR AND BEAUTY‘ but I’ve really neglected the beauty side, which I’m sorry for! I know most of my readers are into hair related content but I’d thought I’d give some variety and see if people were interested. So here is a list of the products I use pretty much on a day to day basis. No Joke. I love all these products as they ACTUALLY WORK. And therefore do not let me down. I do wish to experiment with makeup, but like hair products, it is expensive, and I have to choose which I want to experiment with. Unfortunately, hair always wins.


I ALWAYS use a primer before I apply my foundation. And this one by Benefit is the only one I’ve ever really used. I now cringe at the thought of applying foundation without a primer! The Benefit Porefessional just makes my foundation look silkier and makes it more long lasting. This primer is a good one to try out and lasts for ages!


When I first started wearing foundation I used to use my fingers, then I moved onto the Real Technique brushes, but now I will forever use the Beauty Blender. (The Real Techniques one) When I started using this lil sponge, my life was changed and now applying foundation has been a joy ever since! the coverage is so good. Additionally, for my bronzer and blushes, I use the Real Techniques brushes.


Nars Sheer Glow Foundation beats the MAC and Bobbi Brown for me. I love the way this foundation sits on the skin, it doesn’t absorb or become cakey, it really does work wonders in combination with a beauty blender. If you have never tried this foundation do not be fooled by the name. This is a matte foundation, however, I do feel like it gives the skin a good plump look.


I’ve been using this concealer for years now and I don’t wish to change, my only wish is that there was more quantity. The Collection 2000 concealer is a cult fave for a lot of the people and I can see why. Apparently a dupe for the NARS creamy concealer this one does the job just right. I use this only for under the eyes.


The Soap & Glory Brow pencil is really the glory that has helped me to save my brows. I am attached to this product as it really does the job. My ONE gripe about this product and it’s kind of a big one. This brow pencil ALWAYS brakes, and I have no idea why, it falls into pieces, leading me to buy so many!


I haven’t got a fave mascara, other than the sample freebies I get with my Benefit or MAC orders. They tend to do the job just right. At the moment though, because I have run out, I am using, again a cult fave: Maybelline Great Lash. The perfect mascara.


I never used to wear bronzer growing up, but it’s now a staple in my routine. I use this NARS Laguna one, and I really like how it warms my face up and gives it a bit of dimension.


I don’t experiment much with blushes as much as I would want to. The NARS Orgasm is just perfect, leading me to never really wanting to experiment. It gives you a perfect flush of pink and gimmer of highlight that is just perfect for all occasions.


My go to everyday lipstick is MAC’S Velvet Teddy. So far my makeup list is pretty cliche, all these are very familiar items in the beauty world, but I guess there is a good reason for that! Other than Velvet Teddy I also use Taupe or their lip liners like Spice. I like to use a bold neutral colour, as my lips are my favourite part of the face and for me bring the whole look together.

What is your cult fave?



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