Review: Anita Grant Creamy Café Latte Vanilla Leave In Butter


I recently tried some UK made products from the elegant Anita Grant online store! I was quite spoiled for choice, so I had taken my time to select what to buy, however, even then it was a pick of the lot and whatever I chose I had no inkling whether or not I would love anything.

Anita Grant is very interesting, they do Skincare and also some makeup, and seem to have a great selection. I am very impressed with all their packaging and natural ingredients which they pride themselves on, you can read all about on Anita’s Story on their website which goes onto to tell you why and their backstory ( a great read!). Also, they are UK based so I couldn’t be more pleased to see another brand on the market, giving us British curlies more options than ever before!

I was drawn to this product by just the name itself, it sounded very luxurious, and I just couldn’t resist. At first, I was worried about the sizing of the products. As with all products, we curlies can get through a lot, so I was left wondering how worthwhile is this really?


Firstly, this product smelled more Latte then Vanilla, not that I minded! but I was looking forward to a vanilla scent. However, others may disagree with me, so do keep in mind this is scented and does smell quite strong when you first use it but is not too overbearing.

The consistency of the butter is like a soft shea butter (depending on your room temp) You only need a pinch of this stuff, as it goes such a long way. I rub this in between my palms and it melts into an oil like consistency, once it touches my damp hair, it feels very smooth as I finger comb through. No stickiness and with the right amount not heavy either. In the end, this cute lil’ glass tub is the perfect amount and I know will last me ages.


After I diffused my hair, I got some of the most golden curls I have ever gotten. My hair was so shiny, full of springy curls and nice and soft. This leave in conditioner really brought my curls to LIFE. Seriously I LOVE this leave in butter! it’s changed the game and I enjoy working with this consistency and only having to apply such a small amount. To see the difference it makes as well is amazing! This leave in works best straight after I have finger combed my hair fresh after washing. I think if you have my hair type or tighter curls this will be great for you. Any looser the products may be too heavy.

Thinking of purchasing from Anita Grant? You can purchase now from Antidote Street





*I received a gift voucher from Anita Grant, however, I chose my own products and all views and opinions are my own.


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