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Hello, Curlies! I’ve got a new review for you which I  have been so excited to write about. Recently I was lucky enough to win the Trepadora Curl Therapy Giveaway over on Instagram which included their new Babassu Quench Leave-in Curl Primer. I have never tried any products from Trepadora but I saw their original product launch and salon launch, so they have always been on my radar. I think they’re a great British brand so I was overjoyed to finally get my hands on their products which are curly girl friendly! I received a mini travel size kit of both the products and all opinions and views are all my own! Read on to find out which of the two products I loved and which I didn’t!



This is the newest product in the Trepadora range which already boasts a lot of products that are exotically natural with fruity ingredients! With this one being 98% naturally derived it is a leave-in but also a PRIMER. Never have I heard of a leave-in be referred to as a primer before, it brings to mind what you would use in your skincare,  which is what Trepadora say they are bringing ‘the same principle to your hair’. Also a vegan product, this is free from silicones, sulphates, mineral oil and parabens! so win-win!

“Increases curl definiton with intense moisutre. You will achieve superior detangling and the ultimate base for your styling prodcuts. […] Provding incredible slip which gives total frizz protection once sealed wth any tepadora styling products on top”

I like the smell of the product and that it’s very calming and not too overpowering, The scent is similar to a coconut smell. With a creamy gel-like consistency I have been using around 1-2 pumps of this on my fine hair and finger combing evenly through. It really soaks into the hair, gives a good slip and starts it’s magic from the get-go, which has been great to work with so far. My worry when using a leave-in is always if it will weigh my hair down, but, as I was happy to find out with this, it does the opposite! it really lifts the curls up with its injection of intense moisture. Trepadora also says “Amazingly you will also find you need less styling products” I couldn’t agree more. This really helps define the curls, thus decreasing the need for any styling products I used to help hold my hair. As a hair primer, I think this is a wonderful natural lightweight base to use as a leave-in to apply any kind of styling product you want to use in order to really hold your curls. I feel this has what an oil would give you in your hair routine step, and I’ve been loving the results I’ve been getting with using this, it really won me over.




96% naturally derived, this taming potion sounded like some witch potion to get rid of those crazy frizzy kinks! A gel consistency that smells like Papaya,, glides onto the hair like a seal of protection, however, I found myself not reaching much for this as much as I did the Babassu Quench leave in.

“Secure a strong flexiable hold […] This alcohol free formula will tame frizz and define your curls. Minerals, vitamins and enzymes from the papaya extract helps boost your curls and AQUARIH black oat extract will help infuse moisture”

I must preface the review for this by saying this product does actually hold and define your hair! but not in the flexible way I would prefer it to. As I diffused my hair with this I felt my hair becoming ever more rigid as it dried. While my hair looked great I couldn’t put my fingers through to really massage my scalp as easily and found my hair did not flow as freely as I personally liked. Now, this is really a personal preference I would like to highlight, so for others I can imagine this is the type of hold they want for their hair, and in turn I think this product would be great for special occasions, where I wouldn’t want my hair to go frizzy in the slightest and last all night. But for my everyday hair, I was not reaching for this taming potion. The day after, my hair was so knotty at the root’s combing it was a bit of an ordeal, so I pretty much shied away from using this as much, preferring to use the leave in with other styling products.




Together these can work perfectly to create really moisturised, frizz-free curls that last and hold up a whole day, but for me personally, the hold is not one I prefer for my everyday hair. However, When I run out of my leave in primer I’ll definitely be purchasing, as it has won me over by giving me the right amount of moisture for my hair type and fine hair.



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  • sharnahsblog says:

    Have you tried any of the other Trepadora products? They are amazing I did a review on my blog if you want to check it out! I have a sample of the Taming Potion, I am interested to see if it works any different in my hair! x

    • ooemzoo says:

      No! But I loved the curl primer so much, I think i will purchase something else when I run out of my mini bottle! Will check your review now 🙂 xxx

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