Review: Jim + Henry Eight Leave-in Conditioner

Jim + Henry is an independent UK brand by the beautiful curly inspiration Tammy! Proudly made in her hometown of Birmingham, Tammy has created a leave-in conditioner that is Paraben-free, Vegan and made with Organic oils. Curated with only 8 simple ingredients! This initially sounded fabulous to me, as fewer ingredients the better! The 8 selected are:

  • Organic Ghanaian shea butter
  • Vitamin E
  • Corsican Rosemary
  • Roman Camomile
  • Mandarin 
  • Aqua
  • Emulsifier
  • Green preservative

(details of what each provides is listed on the website)

The packing is so unique and quirky I was immediately drawn, along with the unusual name. The jar is cute, yet I’m not sure how practical for travel it may be but aesthetic wise it looks great on my shelf haha!

I was surprised by how creamy and watery this was. It spreads easily and is very light! I actually had no idea what this product was going to be like, so to find out it was so lightweight was a dream. The cream has a strong scent of Rosemary which might not be for everyone, I don’t find this deters myself, as it has hair growth stimulating properties. (I’m going to try and grow my hair longer!) It’s great for every day use and so easy to work with, I imagine it can be buildable and if you have finer hair/looser curls you will only need a dime size!


Eight is such a high-quality product! It gets rid of all the fuss about ingredients and knows what it is and keeps it simple. This is a UK product that I am so happy exists. It is great to see women pop up and realise they are more than enough.

You can buy Jim + Henry here



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