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Glossier finally launched in the UK on October 9th after a very successful social media campaign that had been building momentum for quite some time. Some of your fave UK bloggers were already on the hype with their PR gifts and bloggers across the pond had already been reps for some time offering that juicy discount code to shop with them online!

I totally bought into the hype unknowingly and really went for it. It had been a LONG time since I had bought new makeup, my current collection had consisted of mostly NARS and Liz Earle Skincare. And while these were/are a firm favourite I was ready to experiment and try some new products!


Because I bought quite a few bits, I’ve divided this post into skincare and then makeup and then written about each individual product!




Milky Jelly Cleanser

This cleanser has a jelly/gel consistency that becomes clear when to spread and massage onto the face. It has a cooling sensation when first applied to the skin and I can imagine it is great for anyone who gets redness or irritated skin easily. I use about two pumps of this in the morning and really love it. I don’t use this cleanser to remove makeup, I still use my oil cleanser for that as nothing really beats that method for removing makeup for me. I don’t have strong feelings about this cleanser but I’ve been using it every day since I got it and have been enjoying it!


Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

I love a good face mask, so I went straight back after my first bundle purchase and bought this along with the skin tint! This little green pot has tiny beads so it also gently exfoliates your skin. I usually prefer something more stripping and thick but this is a great mid-week face mask to cleanse your skin, especially if you’re underground a lot in London like myself! the mask is quite thin and absorbs into the skin and leaves my skin feeling moisturised and fresh.



Skin Tint

Originally I was not that interested in buying the skint tint, however, upon realising that I had been using less foundation and more tinted moisturisers, it made sense to try this out. I am totally on board for the less is more look. When I first used this I thought it made no difference. Instead, it does give a slight glow and evenness to the skin that I actually now dig. The applicator can be a little annoying, but I work with it. I’d also so I’m not sure on the shade, I think they need more shades.


Cloud Paints

Probably my favourite purchase! I was a sucker for this packaging in contrast to staying away from the Balm Dot Com (I only use coconut oil for my lips!) I got Beam and Dusk! It’s been really fun to use these and mix them! They are creamy and spread really well, it’s a skill to be able to get the right amount out onto your finger! I’m surprised at how much I love the colour of these, I’ve literally been using the same blusher for 2 years now!! These cloud paints are easily buildable and are not drying or oily for my combination skin. I’ll be interested to try the other colours and also I hope Glossier bring out more colours!


Boy Brow

My brows are a mess. They are curly, uneven and can be pretty sparse so a brow gel in my makeup kit was much needed. This little Boy Brow is way better then I thought it would be and I love it. There’s no need to be heavy-handed, you only need a little stroke to see its effects. I very much love this best when I’m able to get the results I want from it, I’m not a pro on brows so it can be hit or miss for me!



I haven’t had a powder for a quite a long time so I decided to give this a go. I get a little oily around my T zone, not so much as when I was younger but enough I’m aware of. This powder is really light and clears my oiliness down without it looking cakey. I also used this to ‘bake’ my undereye. A method I hadn’t ever really done before. It works great! I think a pressed version of this powder would be awesome as well, as loose can sometimes be a bit fiddly.


To me, Glossier on the surface seemed a bit pretentious, and a brand that catered exclusively to models with perfect skin. And while I still believe it is for those with fewer skin issues, I think it’s a great brand that stands out from the crowd for different reasons. Instead, Glossier really promotes this new movement in makeup of less is more. You don’t need tonnes of makeup to be beautiful. It’s an ethos I want to stand by and embrace more in my own life.



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