My Hair in Yearview 2017

My year started blonde and ended brunette. It was the year was officially born (domain wise). 2017 saw my blog take off unexpectedly around April along with landing my FIRST ever brand collaboration with Curly Ellie who saw some potential in me that I never Imagined to see in myself. I am forever grateful for them for that first opportunity. From there I went on to establish myself within the blogging world along with the help of my successful growth on Instagram and even became a brand ambassador! I think its safe to say 2017 was successful!

Despite taking long interval breaks from blogging and selfies that could go from three weeks to a whole month I hit my milestone of 1,000 followers on Instagram! it wasn’t easy when you’re terrible at maintaining a consistency of posting content for more than two weeks. But nether the less I am so happy and grateful to have acquired a readership this year which has motivated me every month to keep doing what I enjoy. Along with the support and love I have also received a handful of collaborative opportunities with wonderful brands. In particular Flora & Curl and Jim+ Henry – Brands I have become ambassadors for! All the brands I have worked with have been so kind and generous, allowing me to create fun content and have the opportunity to try so many amazing independent British hair products which I had the pleasure to share with you all !!

Hair wise, each passing year I discover new things about my curls. I always think I have it nailed down. My routine, my techniques, my look and that there is nothing left to learn… but oh how I was wrong (e.g. I now finger detangle my hair.) I’ve learnt a lot this year from Instagram and everywhere online and offline. It has led me to feel more comfortable with myself and my hair just that bit more then the last. I had my hair cut once this year in March and dyed twice all at 3thirty Salon. My most recent visit was my favourite, they do great colour and cuts. At the beginning of the year my hair was so discoloured at the roots thanks to a mishap in September 2016, but May saw my hair coloured right. This November I decided it was time to go back to basics. I had had enough of the different tones and upkeep and craved something more simple. And I did it. I love my brown hair and feel like i’ve come full circle. While i’ve grown more comfortable with myself I’ve seen throughout the year lots of online news outlets shinning light on the natural hair movement and it’s importance and power to a lot of women. It’s great to see more exposure so more people can learn not to be so ignorant when it comes to textured hair.

Reflecting on the failures of the year is really important to gain a greater lesson from them. Sometimes I found my personal life too busy that I allowed for some opportunities to pass me by. I can think of 2/3 that I didn’t give my full attention to that in hindsight was a shame to miss out on. My blog and Instagram also suffered because of my lack of consistency in content making and engagement. I seemed to have these black out phases which didn’t help to keep a good momentum up. However, I’ve been open about my personal setbacks and I hope I can learn from them in the New Year. After all it was this time last year I finally decided to open an Instagram account and look what we achieved!

At the end of this year I am happy to say I love all the content I produced in 2017. It was all worth while and meaningful. I’ve met so many amazing people through the blogging community who have all shown genuine kindness. I hope to give some more of that back in this new year to come.

Some of my favourite blog posts of the year:

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Lastly, THANK YOU for reading, for liking, for following! Without you reading I probably would of shelved this blog a long time ago or maybe post a couple of half hearted things throughout the year. But I have found a new passion that has really connected me to more curlies then I ever would of imagined! <3



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