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Self care has become an open discourse in the recent digital age. I’m seeing more and more blog posts and videos giving out great advice on how to care for yourself in low times and dealing with poor mental health.

Having curly hair is a high maintenance lifestyle not many people know about. (The question; what do you put in your hair? is not so simple to answer) Unfortunately for us our neglect of ourselves shows itself mostly through our hair. It can become matted, permanently in a bun, frizz everywhere. I’ve not been able to make an appearance on Instagram due to these reasons. My hair is not perfectly coily everyday without a frizz in sight. Sometimes I just do not have the energy to wash, finger detangle, apply three separate products, scrunch, diffuse for 35 mins or more and pick my hair with an afro comb trying to get the best possible volume. I can’t do these steps when I’m already struggling to get out of the bed.

After having an insightful interview with Serena from Detangled I realised this was a post I needed to write about. Thanks to my most recent one about Growing up with Social Anxiety, I feel like I’m able to write about this more openly and with more confidence. So here are my top tips and steps to getting back on track when it all gets a bit too much. I hope it helps x

Bath or Shower.

If, unlike me you have a bath, please use it! Having a hot soapy bath is one of my favourite things to do. Unfortunately I only have a shower, so I can get really unmotivated to go get fresh and get out of the funk I am in. This is a good first step because feeling fresh will instantly improve your mood and clear any negative thoughts that might cloud your mind (9/10 it will). Grab your favourite shampoo, shower gel, get your music or Podcast at the ready and indulge in some hot water and let it do it’s magic.

Face Mask or Hair Mask.

I always do both these steps together, because I love hair and skin care. There is no greater feeling then the detox fresh feeling of skin after you wash away your clay mask, or peel that face sheet off and have some luxury hair deep conditioner sinking in your curls. For an extra luxury have some fun with your hair or face by adding some oils! My fave hair mask at the moment has been the Curls Blueberry Bliss Reperative Hair Mask & the Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Mask

Favourite tea.

Everyone has that one hot drink that is just a comfort blanket. Mine currently is the Dragon Fly Moroccan Mint Green tea. I feel DETOXED every time I sip this bad boy. This tea also has lil notes on the teabag tab which are so cute! I’m also a general tea lover, so a good cuppa always makes me feel at home and relaxed.

Comfort Movie or Book.

Indulge in your favourite past time whatever that may be. It could be drawing, writing, knitting, playing piano or listening to your favourite albums etc. There is probably a hobby or something you have not been treating yourself to and now is the time. Stick on your old favourite film or pick up that book you have been putting off finishing. My favourite comfort films are The Breakfast Club & When Harry Met Sally.

Switch Off.

During all these steps and for the rest of the day/night switch off from all social media. Don’t worry no one will think you have died, go turn off your devices and give yourself some you time. I sometimes have a cheeky scroll on Instagram or Facebook and see something that puts me in a bad mood. Or I’ll end up deep on Twitter feeling so mindless in the pixels. These are bad habits and contribute to anti self care. So balance your time on social media as it is the cause for a lot of peoples poor mental health in our current digital age.


Product Junkie? I Thought so! have a rummage through the products you currently own and really assess what you use. Consider giving them to your curly friends. It is said a lot but your space is a reflection of your mind. Clear space. Clear mind. It works! my favourite feeling is a clean and tidy surrounding. And I know it is easier said then done but do these small steps to ease yourself in and it will become easier each time.

Have you got any personal self care tips?  Please share in the comments 🙂

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  • Ola Girl, great blog I just subscribed I’m looking forward to read your posts.
    Have a great sunday

    Hugz and kisses,
    Miss B.

  • rosettih says:

    Hey! These are great tips, thank you for such a useful post! Self love is really something that needs to be spread and encouraged! x

  • Pura Vida says:

    Wow your curls are beautiful and so shiny!!
    When I have had a hard day, or just if my mind is buzzing before bed, I really find it helps to write all my feelings down in a notebook. It allows me to release negative thoughts and help keep a positive mindset. Its really useful, and although it may not work for everyone, I would recommend you try it! Looking forward to reading more posts! xx

    • ooemzoo says:

      Thank you so much!

      Writing is something I actually do, i’m surprised I didn’t think to write it down in this blog post haha! I bullet journal and keep a separate note book, and yes it helps a tonne! I like to sum up my weeks and just get thoughts down to paper, one of the major things I love to do.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

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