Review: Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

I finally purchased one of the most raved about hair products for curly hair on Instagram. Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel. If you’re part of the curly community I’m confident that you have come across the beautiful Mismmo and her beloved Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel. It took me so long to purchase because I found the price point a little high and couldn’t find a UK retailer to buy from. To my surprise Naturalistic Products now stocks what is a holy grail for many. I’m a skeptic when it comes to trying new hair products with a lot of hype and I was more so with all the hype surrounding Bounce Curl. I hadn’t had much luck with Aloe in the past, giving me reason to doubt the products main ingredient and so I was ready to be disappointed. On my weekly (or bi weekly) series Style With Me Saturday I did a first impressions and was pleasantly surprised.

Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

The product claims to be:

A light weight styling hair gel that is infused with extracts of nourishing ingredients. This product does have a holding ingredient in here to help define your curls. It is mostly a gel with a little bit of cream. 80% Gel and 20% cream. It will leave your hair feeling weightless and it will lock your curl shape in for a long time, reducing frizz. This light formula will not weigh your hair down and it will allow you to create volume. Black seed oil is one of the secret middle eastern oils that has been used by my family and I for many years. This oil restores, shines, and has some anecdotal evidence in giving the appearance of longer hair.

Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

The First Impression

When applying the gel to my hair the texture is very runny and watery making it feel like you are literally applying water to your locks, it does become a bit stiff but then soaks in and keeps the hair drenched. This was leading me to believe I wasn’t going to get much hold along with the product being rated 4 out of 10 for how strong the hold is. Because I was worried I wasn’t getting much hold and it was hard to tell if I was or wasn’t applying the right amount I went in with a generous amount, much more than I normally would. I used bounce curl in combination with Flora & Curl Dentangler Leave in. It is stated it does not work well with all products. However, Elizabeth Alex (Honestlizhere) did a great lil master post on Instagram with which products worked well with Bounce Curl. Flora & Curl (see review here) worked great for me. As I diffused I thought ‘oh no, theres no hold.’ But hold on. I was wrong. After my hair was completely dry I had some of best curls I’ve had in a long time. Bouncey, shiney with perfectly held curls that did not weigh my hair down or clump the hair. It was the most natural perfect hold which is what I strive to achieve. You have to scrunch the curls a little, but the cast is minimal.

Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

The Details

The fragrance of Aloe Vera is very distinct. However, the sweet smelling Aloe Vera doesn’t put me off. At 238ML, I use a lot of this product to make sure it covers the whole of my hair. That means a little does not go a long way. For many I imagine the price point is above their spending and so would hate to keep repurchasing this. I use about four squeezes to cover the whole of my hair to achieve the hold I desire. A stronger version of would solve the dilemma. Additionally, I find the creme gel to be more on the dry side, not one for curlies who get dry hair easily. I haven’t found this to be an issue on first day styling as the leave in I use is very hydrating, and I deep condition the night before I style most days. But second and third can get quite dry hair. I recommend an oil or hydrating spray to combat this.

Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

The Verdict

My review about bounce curl can be best summed up by the fact I reach for this every time to style my hair. Firstly I love that it does not weigh my hair down, allowing me to create more volume on my hair. I love the way it holds the hair in the most natural way. I haven’t tried bounce curl with too many different combs and that will be next. But so I am loving it with Flora & Curl Leave in. Wether I repurchase I’ll decide when I run out and see if I can live without it. I’ll keep you posted. Till then have you tried Bounce Curl? If so what combo worked and didn’t? help others down in the comments!


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