Review: NYLAH Shampoo & Conditioner

I have been super excited to try these two products from NYLAH, a british brand that provides natural hair and body care. With a strong ethos of heritage, hair and science NYLAH’S story is best summed up in their own words:

Named for my beautiful daughter, for her wonderfully kinky, afro hair that delights and inspires me. For the people who need haircare products that are safe, gentle and effective. For people who believe that their hair says something about them and their backgrounds, their heritage their roots. For women who love to simply be ourselves: creative, inspirational, strong and beautiful.

“Nylah is for all of us” – I was happy to receive the super botanicals conditioner and shampoo and freshen up my everyday wash routine.


Strength and Shine Shampoo

with fortifying pea proteins and enriching Shea butter

“With a PH balance of 5.0 our Shampoo Cream helps to rebalance the hair and scalps P.H to keep cuticles closed and healthy”

Nylah have curated a shampoo that feels creamy and soft to the scalp. A lovely subtle, refreshing scent, this is one of the best shampoos I’ve used to remove product build up. The shampoo lathers gently and does a good job of not stripping the hair, all the while maintaining a softness. The consistency is thick and you don’t need much to cover your scalp. Strength and shine is exactly how my curls feel after washing with this shampoo. 


Super Botanicals Conditioner

With softening Ethiopian crambe seed oil and nourishing jojoba

It’s no secret I love jojoba oil. However, it’s been missing from my hair care collection for some years now, so when I started using this conditioner it was amazing to see that same softness come back. This conditioner works wonders. A light-weight thick cream much like the shampoo to compliment it. I use this liberally. It says to leave this on your hair for up to 10 minutes, reminding me of a hair mask and it works like one too. The conditioner is extremely nourishing and a dream to finger detangle with once the conditioner sinks into your hair. I get some amazing silky hair.


Final Thoughts

NYLAH’S Shampoo & Conditioner show real quality by the way my hair feels after. Stronger, shiner and softer. I believe this would suit all hair types. A gentle shampoo that really clarifies the scalp and hair from any build up. And the conditioner provides enough slip and moisturises the hair thoroughly. I always get the best results style wise after I have used these together. Making this a firm staple in my wash and go routine.


I am so happy to a part of the NYLAH family, you can use my discount code ’emmascurls’ to receive 10% off Nylah products!




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