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Tucked away in West London, like a secret location by the elite curly society, lies UNRULY CURLS. A salon specialising only in CURLS. I have known about this salon for some time now. There are not many hairdressers solely dedicated to curly hair in the UK, so a quick google search means this is one of the first and few that pop up. I was in need a basic trim and shape up, despite wanting to grow out my hair. However, my need for structure and fresh ends overpowered my dream of long locks. Unruly Curls have two locations, you are assigned one on the day/ day before via text with all the relevant info.

I wasn’t asked which stylist I would like (Rarely do I get asked). Or what I even wanted to do with my hair(which was strange). This isn’t the easiest place to find/ get into. When pressing the buzzer I got no answer (I was to find out it was due to the stylist diffusing a customers hair). So I was only able to get in by someone coming out. Located through some turns and hallways on the ground floor, I opened the door to find an eclectic small room filled with books, big grand mirrors and a vintage looking sofa right in the middle.


I was the last client of the day, so the whole experience felt pretty personal and intimate. Claudio was my stylist and he was very warm, welcoming and offered refreshments. We had a good conversation beforehand about what I wanted doing, what he could do to achieve the look and alternatives. He was very thorough in his explanations and seemed well versed and confident in all things curls.

My hair was washed using Cantu shampoo & conditioner, straight away this ticked a box for me. I was like YES! Claudio left some of the conditioner in and cut my hair wet. After he rinsed it out and applied an old favourite. TIGI CATWALK Curls Rock Amplifier This was an absolute throwback. I used to use this at the start of my curl journey, even the smell brought back memories. This was all that I saw him apply to my hair, there were other products. They included the Boots Curl Creme! I was at first worried that there wasn’t an array of updated curly hair products, especially now there are so many out there. I’m always a bit baffled salons are not more open to stocking these brands.

Two diffusers were used to dry my hair, I had my hair bent forward, side to side and also backwards. Claudio didn’t touch my hair with the diffuser so I didn’t get as much volume or ringlet curls. He then cut my hair again when it was dry. At first I was quite worried, even though he claimed to want to dry the hair in it’s natural state, it wasn’t the way I have my hair. So when he cut it I was nervous it wouldn’t really be true to form. Claudio didn’t take anything from the front, only the back to help create volume, shape and keep the length at the front.

“I am trying to change things for curly haired people. The idea that they enter a salon with this base level expectation just to not look stupid, is crazy. What if they actually want to look HOT?”

Michael Price


The salon is cash only which is a bit annoying. But there is a cash machine in the co-op, outside Latmier station nearby. My hair cut cost £70. I left with dry enough hair that was to my liking but I was lacking the usual volume. I wasn’t unhappy but I wasn’t over the moon. Being realistic I knew I would have to see how It looked when I styled it myself. I was happy the day after with how my hair bounced up and had shape and volume all round. I liked the products Claudio used on my hair and while I didn’t get the volume from the diffuser it still looked good either way!

My first experience at Unruly Curls was great! However, not without minor suspicions. Like not being asked what I wanted doing with my hair (cut or colour?), not being let in (who knows how long I would have to wait outside, especially when they warn you may lose your appointment if you’re 15 mins late). And then the diffusing techniques. However, those things do not hinder my opinion on Claudio or the results of my hair cut. I’m more then happy to go back to Unruly Curls and even excited to! They evidently know their stuff and it’s great to have a space that is just for us curlies.


You can watch my instastory highlight from that day to see the whole process from start to finish.




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  • Pura Vida says:

    Thank you for this, it’s a great post! It’s so hard to find curly hair salons in the UK, let alone finding a detailed review of them! It’s good to know that there are salons for us curly girls in London! x

  • Helene says:

    Girl, thank you for sharing this!

    I went in January and left feeling suspicious too. I found it incredibly odd not to be asked any questions like what products I normally use and how I style my hair before my cut (given that we are told to arrive with freshly washed, air-dried hair). I got the impression that they were rather uninterested in me and my hair, despite claiming to be so passionate about curls. The cut I received was ok, but I was not wowed by it. It is better now it has grown out slightly.

    I agree it’s good that there is finally a dedicated salon for curly hair, but I feel like because they are the only one, maybe that’s what makes them a little bit complacent with their customer service. All that said, I wouldn’t rule out going again, because it’s good to know they are there. I find it really surprising there aren’t more salons around!

  • debbie bayfield says:

    Great review

    I too went here and ended up going from long to short .
    I also wasn’t asked what I wanted .
    I walked out with healthy big hair which I think I like but it was a shock !

    And expensive !

    Can I ask what people are tipping here please ? As I tipped 20% and probably that is too much ? What is standard for west end prices ?

    Anyway walked out £100 lighter and with short curls but they are super healthy now .

    • ooemzoo says:

      Hi Debbie, Glad you have a good experience and were happy with your curls! Not sure what I tipped or if I tipped at all! Would you go back again?

    • Jaylan Mavis says:

      I stumbled across your blog and loving your reviews of the three curly hair salons in London. I’ve only just embraced my curls and had a cut yesterday by my usial hairdresser but I think I want to get my bext cut from a curly hair specialist, all four salons seem lovely but which one would you say you had the best experience in? I’ve been to Michael Price from Unruly after he left and to be honest not sure how I felt about the whole experience lol x

      • ooemzoo says:

        Hi Jaylan! Thanks for your comment, lovely to hear you enjoyed my reviews 🙂 I would recommend The Curl Bar as that is who I would personally go back to right now. They have good prices and wide selection of services xx

        • Jaylan says:

          Thanks for your reply, so glad you said The Curl Bar, they’re the closest to where I live!

          I’ll def be booking my next cut in with them, thanks again for the great reviews xx

          • ooemzoo says:

            Ah amazing! Always a treat when a place is near where you live. Hope it goes well 🙂 xx

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