Bye bye Summer.


I seemed to have experienced a blogging de’javu. This time last year around summer time, I went radio silent on my blog. After building a great momentum of content, followers and a social media schedule I simply stopped posting. Last year, I found myself in an industry where I was used to being the consumer and not the creator. With a passion for the curation of media content mixed with informative information I easily fell into blogging. But a second summer I have found it hasn’t helped my self-esteem

As months went by I fell into comparing myself to others, looking at numbers and gaining a negative attitude that did not add any positivity to my life. You must be wondering, “But Emma you’re just a small blogger”. Your right! which makes the case all the more sad. I used to wonder how other girls survived online, how they churned out content like an A.I. and seemed unfazed with oozes of confidence. Under the weight of it I found myself wanting out of it all. Please don’t think I blame all this on my inability to cope with social media pressure. No. Personal life found me struggling in a job I was unhappy in and trying to find fulfilment in the objective of landing a new job. In September I got a job offer after the whole of this year after looking casually, to then weeks of everyday refreshing pages. Only now have I really realised that life objectives do not define or add value to you. Ethan Hawke sums it best for me:

Happiness is the result of a life lived with purpose. Happiness is not an objective. It is the movement of life itself, a process, an activity.

My Hope

My question to myself is ‘will I come back to blogging?’ who knows… I’ve decided to stop talking like I’m a full time blogger and embrace the part-time life. Recently I got back my first roll of film photos that were mostly in focus and clear as day! (ta-da! here they are for your delight.) They have inspired me because they really capture how I want to be captured and along with my desire to do more film photography I think it could be a great gateway to do more blogging that inspires me again.

My Hair

I haven’t had a hair cut since Unruly Curls and its starting to show. I got my hair bleached again thanks to the amazing colourist Floria at 3thirty and I had two sessions over some months both half a head of highlights with Olaplex. These photo were of the day after the last session on the 1st Sept when I styled my hair myself. I’ve been using the same combo for months; Flora & Curl Leave in Conditioner and the Bounce Curl Cream along with Cantu, Deva Curl and Nylah Conditioners.

My relationship with my hair has took a more relaxed back seat this summer. And I now feel lighter hair truly suits me more then brunette, it feels more me! I want to go into Autumn trying new products and creating more content that helps all curlies. Even now I still get my friends asking for advice who want to embrace their natural hair texture and I love helping them and giving tips! My hope is that I can get that motivation back again, to keep inspiring and showing how great the UK hair community is.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a comment, Insta DM or email! I was happy to still receive them despite my long absence and I hope to continue to. Heres to a productive Autumn!

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