February of this year I went to New York/USA for the first time and of course I had to nab myself some DevaCurl. Thanks to  Curly-Tanisha who recommended RICKY’S, I came across one of the shops and quickly went in before my dollars were spent elsewhere. Immediately I was confronted with a whole stack of DevaCurl products, my jaw literally dropped. Not only Deva Curl but so many other brands under the sun were stocked in this store. I could of cried because of how much less choice we have in the UK.

Side Note: Deva Curl is also sold at Sephora!

No-Poo Original

The unforgettable scent of Turkish Rose & Peppermint invigorates the senses for a clean feeling.

A zero lather cleanser that is SO soft. I’ve never had a cleanser give so much slip. It’s easy to massage in the scalp and I was pleasantly surprised by how this stood out in the pack. The scent is amazinggg.

One Condition Original

The herbaceous scent of Lemongrass is lush and refreshing.

To save the trouble of writing out my thoughts again, you can find the full review here. Instead I’ll briefly touch on how it works with the No-Poo. Because the cleanser is so soft, this conditioner is a dream to work with.

Styling Cream

Bright and energetic, Styling Cream captures the freshness of Lemon & Lime Zest.

A light, water based cream, this gives lots of slip and smells gorgeous. I really love this and I am considering buying a full sized version to add to my collection. You don’t need a lot because it is so moisturising when absorbed in the hair. And I love that!

Light Defining Gel

The tropical scent of Starfruit & Mango is sunny and succulent.

The gel is non sticky and has a water based consistency. I am naturally light handed when it comes to applying product and with this I felt was hard to get the right amount that would be enough for my hair. With being such a small size I was anxious not to use too much. However, I think this is a great lightweight gel similar to the Bounce curl creme but does not have as much hold.


Deva curl have some amazing, divine smelling products in their collection that give amazing hydration and moisture because of their water base. You can tell they are made lovingly for curls in mind. I really enjoyed using each of the products in this kit (They have all ran out now) The price point is a Hefty one, considering each full sized bottle is around £20 but If you have the money why not! However, I feel there are similar lower priced products you could swap these out for but I would argue the kit is worth a try before splurging.


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