Review: Boucleme Cleanser, Conditioner & Cream

Boucleme is a UK born and bred haircare range that first came on the scene and my radar in 2015. This was around the time I became obsessed with trying out new products to see what worked for me and helped my natural hair journey. I ordered their travel size kit and wrote what was to become one of my most revisited reviews on my blog (also poorly written.) I also never expected to also receive a comment from the brand itself! Something I respected and highly appreciated, to me it showed they wanted to connect and communicate with their customers and curlies.

Fast forward some years and Boucleme have a respected reputation and a wider range of products and accessories. This expansion had made me curious to dive back into the brand and see what I have been missing out on after seeing so many rave reviews. I was lucky enough to be contacted by Boucleme to see if I would like to try their range and I was happy to receive such a generous bundle that felt tailored to my needs! Below is my thorough review after trialling the products for good month.

Curl Cleanser

Boucleme have created the most zero foam cleanser that I have ever tried. It makes my hair feel so hydrated it feels conditioned already.

Our special blend of argan, virgin coconut oil, honey, aloe vera, linseed and pomegranate extracts nourish and moisturise the hair cuticle from the inside out. Our natural revitalising fragrance of citrus, spearmint and magnolia leaf will leave your hair clean, fresh, fragrant and hydrated.

I have been enjoying using this cleanser as it preps the hair perfectly for the conditioner and nourishes my scalp and curls. The texture is creamy and I find the small very citrus-like (so does the conditioner), giving it that fresh vibe for when I want to remove build up.


Curl Conditioner

rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9, vitamin E and antioxidants to strengthen the hair and protect it from environmental stressors.

Our unique formulation penetrates deep into the hair cuticle, using virgin coconut, argan oil and aloe vera leaf actives to replenish much-needed moisture and bring shine to dull dry curls.

The only product I received from Boucleme that I had tried before and my previous review was not so positive. I hated using this conditioner (you can read here.) How can I suddenly change my opinion? On the one hand I thought Boucleme changed some of their ingredients, on the other, I that they brought out more products to work differently with the conditioner. Either way, I’m able to finally work with the conditioner and finger detangle. After getting a heap of slip from the cleanser which gives the perfect base to give a chance for the conditioner to work it’s magic. I was left wondering if I liked the conditioner because they changed the original ingredients or I was now using it with a tailor made cleanser. In the end I find my hair loving it and looking more healthy when using it.


Curl Cream

Created using humidity resistant kukui nut oil and nutrient rich coconut fruit extract plus super conditioning oils of coconut and castor. This leave-in soft hold cream minimises frizz creating defined, soft and shiny curls. 

My collection of leave in conditioners has grown massively over the last two years, and so has my expectations. I love the pump of this product; it makes for a great measure of how much you need. I give a gentle pump and a small amount goes a long way. Compared to the the Flora & Curl leave in which I have been using for the longest time – I was hesitant to change over from my solid routine. But to my surprise I didn’t see a massive change! That’s not to say they are the same but that the curl cream works so well It gave me the desired results I achieve with Flora & Curl. The curl cream provides just the right amount of moisturise and definition for my curls. The curl cream also works amazingly well with the Bounce Curl Creme which is a sigh of relief when testing a new product with one of your faves!


I never thought my mind could change but I’m happy to report it has. I want nothing more than to (unrealistically) love every UK independent brand for curly hair haha. If you love slip go for this combo. Its got all the good quality ingredients for those looking to rebuild damaged hair.

They all work well in harmony and its great to see the results. The whole range has a citrus fresh smell and has a luxury consistency with its quality ingredients. I’ve found my scalp can get quite irritated if not careful on the quantity but that’s manageable for me. In the end Boucleme sent me a whole new hair care routine that caters to my hair perfectly.



Next week is part II of my review of the Boucleme Intensive Moisture Treatment and Tangle Slayer Wet Brush! 



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