5 Favourite Hair products of 2018

2018 was the year I started to collate a solid hair routine that I loved. Going through 2017, trying so many different products, it was refreshing to finally find some consistently working products that grounded me. However, this meant I was less enthusiastic to try different products meaning less output of reviews. The way I see it is the product junkie has to one day go cold turkey and get themselves off their fix.

So here it is. A select list of the my favourite products of this and pretty much in my daily routine. Happy New Year!


Cantu Conditioner 

I put this conditioner on this list because of how effective and well priced it is. I found myself reaching for it when my hair was so knotty and I needed something that I could use lots of pumps of without feeling afraid i’d have to repurchase the next day. It did the the job and I was happy with that.



Flora & Curl Honey and Rose Leave In Detangler 

I’ve been a big supporter of Flora & Curl since their initial launch in 2017. And with every new products I’m always so excited to try. Flora & Curl use some beautiful ingredients to give the most natural products and the proof is in the pudding.



Bounce Curl Creme

With a crazy amount of hype around and  about this product and my high expectations I wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I do.  It’s stood the test of time with me this year and I found myself not being able to swap it out for anything else. I’m on my 2nd bottle and fear for when it will be soon ending!



Bourn Beautiful Coconut Cream Deep Conditioner

A beautiful little surprise gifted to me by Serena over from Detangled Hair. I’ve always been super lazy when it came to deep conditioning, I find they can some times be too heavy for my hair or I just didn’t get the wow results. However, this little tub, I loved using and saw a real difference after. It packed a punch and smelled amazing. I could of shed a tear when I used the last little bit..



Boucleme Cleanser and Tangle Slayer

I was lucky enough to try a range of Boucleme products before the new year and they really all were great. I chose these two in particular because I hadn’t tried anything like them before. This cleanser really fascinated me. Along with the tangle slayer, the way I do my hair has been more of a gentle process. Using a softer cleanser and brush has improved my experience styling my hair compared to when it was a real dreaded task when I first started out.




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