Boucleme Intensive Moisturising Treatment & Tangle Slayer Review

I recently reviewed Boucleme cleanser, conditioner and curl cream here. In addition to being kindly gifted those I was also sent the intensive treatment and Tangle slayer which I’ve wrote my thoughts here in short summaries


Intensive Moisturising Treatment

An intensive treatment indeed. I was uber excited to try this out and was pleasantly surprised by how well it repairs my hair from the inside. The texture is really creamy, I usually leave this on overnight and it works a treat. My curls are stronger, more elastic and nourished as hell. To name some ingredients; Marula Oil, Mafura Butter, Camellia Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil  and  Sea Buckthorn Oil which is used to stimulate growth and promote hair elasticity plus plant based keratin, Wheat Bran with amino and fatty acids to help improve flexibility, manageability and condition of hair. 

I really love using this after a long week of neglect of my hair to really give it the boost it needs. It also compliments the other Boucleme products which I reviewed here


Tangle Slayer Wet Brush

As a first time tangle teezer user I can honestly assert that this is a game changer… or as Boucleme call it ‘Slayer’. I’ve ditched my Denman brush as my main hair weapon and have fully embraced this accessory in my routine. It’s extremely gentle on my curls and and as someone who goes over my hair with the brush a good couple of extra times, it’s great to find something that doesn’t feel as harsh and pulling to the curls. I would be happy to recommend this to curlies or anyone really who struggles with knots and is looking for something not too hard on their scalp when trying to detangle.



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