Review: Curlee Box X Lottabody: Milk & Honey Range

Curlee Box


Back when I first started my hair journey I wanted to get my hands on every hair product in hopes it would transform my limp lifeless curls into springy coils. And when I came across the idea of a monthly subscription box it blew my mind. I had tried one before in the past but they were US based so the shipping was through the roof.

In recent times more have popped up and to my delight one UK, Europe based one – Curlee Box kindly sent me their collaboration with Lotta Body’s Milk & Honey range for May. Now apologies this is quite overdue from that month, however, i’ve been using the products A LOT to gather my full thoughts.

Curlee Box work with some amazing brands and offer a great mix of showcasing whole product lines or a handpicked selection of different brands to try out. I’ve said it before that trying a whole range is something to try because each product will compliment each other perfectly and will give better results! Curlee Box gives you the opportunity to discover new brands and find new favourites without having to dig through dozens of sites on the  internet. Thanks to them I’ve found a new favourite product and tried a haircare brand I wouldn’t have thought to try. Find out what I loved below.


Restore Me Cream Shampoo & Conditioner


There’s a lot of creaminess in this range and sometimes its good and sometimes its bad. I think the former is the case here. Give me all the cream. This Sulfate-free shampoo is great at removing buildup and and leaves my hair feeling soft and ready for the conditioner.

I’ve nearly ran out of this conditioner. It has replaced my go to Cantu one which really surprised me. This conditioner deeply moisturises my hair hair and gives some of the best slip EVER. My hair feels really god damn healthy after using this and I love how easy it is to finger detangle. I’m super generous with how much i’ve used and now i’m regretful because i’m running out so quickly!

Leave-in Conditioner & Curl Defining Mousse


This is the creamiest leave in i’ve ever tried and to my surprise it didn’t weigh my hair down. This really nourishes the hair, gives my hair strong protein and locks in the moisture. This is great for all hair types as a little will not weigh down looser curls and for tighter curls all you need is a a couple of pumps for sure.

It was only two weeks before I received this that I said how I cringe at the use of mousses. But I was quickly educated by a curly on Instagram who praised them and recommended a few. And then I tried this. I was still sceptical going in seeing the foam and scrunching in my hair. Despite this i’m happy to report there was no stickiness and there was good hold!! The mousse is perfect in this combo to give a light weight result/look.  I really enjoyed this combo and how easy it was especially for air drying which I have been loving lately.

I wouldn’t say this has converted me to using a mousse and I’m still not a fan of foams. However, they do work and I won’t be bashing them so easily in the future!

Tame Me Edge Control


I’ve never ever used an edge control before even though i’ve had some unruly baby hairs around my face for the longest time. I gave this a go on some occasions and really liked it. It’s not sticky and doesn’t leave a residue. I’m happy to have finally tired something for those pesky hairs and see how good it looks when I put in a bit extra time to apply this. I’m very lazy so I don’t often apply this but it’s great to have something in my arsenal I can use to tame those edges!



Have you tried Curlee Box or a subscription box? Whats your thoughts? And have you ever tried something from LottaBody? Leave a comment below!


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