UPDATED – Where To Shop Online For Curly Hair Products in the UK

When you first deep dive into embracing your curls it can be an overwhelming experience of information overload. Finding the right products for your hair and where to buy them being some top issues as well as finding them in the EU. My post from last year has been really popular, but to my regret, a lot of those online stores are now not open! However, I’ve found some great ones and I thought it was time to share my new finds but also update on those still running to support.


Antidote Street

A really lovely interface, with a good selection of brands I love this online shop! You can also find their blog which has lots of articles with info for all things hair!


Detangled Hair

A really great online shop! I met Serena the owner and she’s lovely and really cares. You can find sections for scalp care and edge control.



Kiyo Beauty * formally Beauty by Zara*

Some really cool brands on here that I haven’t seen anywhere else. And has the most brands I’ve seen listed – they also stock Bounce Curl and do skincare.

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Naturalistic Products

Similar to Beauty by Zara! Stocks Bounce curl and has a vegan and CG friendly section.


Curly Essence

Lisbon based A more curated selection of products that you can tell are high quality and loved. They also have sections based on hair types. *Site is down but are active on Instagram @curlyessence

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My Luxe Beauty

A wide selection of well known brands and has a kids section.


Black Hair Care

More catered towards kinkier hair they also cater for men, kids and skincare!



Curly Girl Approved

Denmark based this online shop ships all around Europe and stocks Bounce Curl and faves Flora & Curl as well as some select accessories. They even have a Vegan section!



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