Review: Flora & Curl – Organic Rose & Honey Cream Shampoo & Conditioner + Sweet Hibiscus Defining Gel & Activating Lotion

Flora & Curl have launched a whopping four new products to their already beautiful and well loved range of natural curly hair products. The brand have gone on to win my heart and a lot of the curly community. Truly they are one of the first brands I recommend when I bump into a curly girl who has yet to hear of them. I’d love to see them be stocked in Boots or SuperDrug one day – more curlies need to know.

I was kindly gifted their new collection to try out and all my opinions are my own! I tired these over a good solid two weeks to see well they worked with my curls. It’s a long one but check it out below.


Orangic Rose & Honey Cream Shampoo and Conditioner



I had previously tried the Superfruit shampoo when it was first launched and found the forumala to be really unique. This shampoo follows a similar texture in being watery and feeling like its barely there, however, upon application it foams?(Not sure if this is the right terminology) This shampoo does differ with how it applies itself to my scalp. I find this easy to spread all over the roots and feels very light while also de-clogging any build up. A lot of cleansers or sulphate free shampoos I find when they foam they kind of bulk in that area but this was is one of the first cleansers to really stand out to me in a long time!



Along with the defining gel, I was really excited to try a conditioner from Flora & Curl. And this did not disappoint. In what is a real sister product to the leave in, this conditioner gives me slip, slip, slip. I use quite a few pumps of this and when applying it almost feels like its not there as soon as it touches wet hair. I tend to let it  works it’s magic for 3-5 mins before finger detangling and then I feel my hair is nice and silky and so manageable! Sometimes a conditioner can give you amazing slip in the shower but once you’re out it feels pretty normal. Not this conditioner. Slip in and out the shower and I love it! For me that’s my preferred kind of conditioner!


Sweet Hibiscus Defining Gel & Activating Lotion



A light curl activating lotion that is really easy to work with. A real cousin of the leave in however this I find is a lighter formula and perhaps not as heavy as the former which I already found to be light enough. It works well and does the job it well keep in the moisture and helping to create some defined curls.



When I heard Flora & Curl were bringing out a defining gel I was super excited! I’m in love with their leave in detangler and so was interested to see what direction they would go with this sweet hibiscus defining gel.

A jelly -like forumla that is not at all sticky I use about 3 pumps of this on each side of my hair (I part my hair in two when applying product.) This gel really has about 3 stages. Upon application is slides on and stiffens ever so lightly and then sinks in and softens, when it dries it will harden like most gels and then of course your can scrunch the cast off which will leave you with defined curls! Add on top of that the sweet smell of Hibiscus! I find it gives great hold and does not weight the hair down.




Flora & Curl have brought a really strong shampoo & conditioner and i’m happy to have had the opportunity to try these and share my thoughts. They have slotted right into my routine and filled a gap that was slightly missing in my washing routine!

The sweet hibiscus range is a happy addition, especially the gel. This range  is quite heavily scented so for anyone not into strong scented products I don’t think this will tick your fancy, however, best thing about using hair products is having everyone smell your hair and saying how nice you smell 😉

Have you tried any Flora & Curl products? What do you want to see next from them?



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  • Steph Delp says:

    Is this worth it or is there better products out there? What are your all time favorite products?

  • Steph Delp says:

    I actually believed your review till I purchased this stuff myself. These are the worst products on earth. You forgot to mention that they smell like VICKS vapor rub. It’s a shame you can not trust blogs. Maybe never taught right. I bet you love everything. Not wasting another sec to find out.

    • ooemzoo says:

      Hi Steph, sorry to hear you didn’t love the products, that’s a shame! However, everyone’s hair and preferences are different and that seems to be the case on this occasion. I love these products and use them regularly and my blog is my own personal experiences and opinions and I usually do review products I like. Theres no need to resort to a comment with this undertone. I hope you find a product that you love!

  • Claudia says:

    Hi Emma! Since I know you’ve also reviewed the Superfruit Shampoo and the leave-in, I would like to ask you: do you think that using the leave-in in conjunction with the Curly Lotion and the gel would be too much? I have really coarse and dry hair, but since I’m a 2B/2C I’m afraid that all this products will weight it down. Do you think that the leave-in in this case would be useless, since the Curly Lotion is very similar to it?
    Thank you and have a nice day!

    • ooemzoo says:

      Hi Claudia! I would either use the leave in or lotion. If your hair is dry i’d recommend the leave in and not to use too much as a little goes a long way! Hope this helps. xx

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