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Elfy Naturals is a french natural curly girl friendly hair brand that believe ‘healthy hair is beautiful hair, no matter the texture‘ and offer ‘what nature and science offer best’. This is the first time I have tried curly hair products made in France and i’m happy to say it uses zero parabens, silicones, sulphates and other bad ingredients which you check out on their site annnd it’s cruelty free!

Elfy Naturals origins begin with  Sandra V who started as a blogger and by the sounds of it was a big part of the french curly community in giving advice, interacting with them and trialing loads of products. The brand and Sandra wanted to take a different approach to the cliches of coconut and cocoa ingredients and dreamt of a more ‘minimalist ritual’ with ‘creamy textures and captivating smells’. It’s great to see not just in the UK but also in France home grown brands are taking off by real women with real curls, so you can imagine my pleasure upon trying these out!

Read below to see my honest thoughts on all the products!

Hydrating Shampoo – Hydra Intense & Revitalising Conditioner – Wave Control


The first thing I noticed about both of these is the ‘captivating smell’ Sweet aloe for the shampoo and sweet lemon with the conditioner, I’m a sucker for sweet smells and my hair is really left with the faint scent that is a delight for me. The shampoo has a watery texture and has a slight lather to it and is very gentle on the scalp. It does the job. The conditioner didn’t work as well for me as I had hoped. My hair can get in a big tangle and I love to be able to finger detangle every if my hair is in the worst knots. I didn’t feel this conditioner  give me help in finger detangling or any slip. It’s smelled amazing but really didn’t work for me and curls.

Leave-in Hydra Detangler – Intense Hydra & Aloe Curls Booster


I really love this combo. The leave in is a perfect balance because it’s not too hydrating and at the same time gives just the right amount of hydration to lock in to achieve lightweight curls. The leave in’s creamy texture is easy to apply and the pump makes for a great dispensation if you have trouble getting your amounts right. I use about 1 -2 pumps on each side of my hair (I section my hair into two)

The aloe curls booster was a nice surprise to use.! A little goes a long way with this one. It reminded me of a cross between the Bounce Curl Creme and the Flora and Curl Gel. It glides on the hair and is so easy to use, I know i’ll be reaching to use this more and more. I use a generous amount of pumps of this and it does not weigh my hair down or become sticky or stiff. Aloe, i’m finding. is such a good ingredient for styling products!!

Ultra-Moisturising Mask – Hydra Intense


It’s easy to think your hair is not in need of hydration if it’s not always dry. One way to see if you need more hydration is how long your hair can stay moisturised/ soft feeling for after styling. If the next day after styling your hair it feels very brittle – you’re probably lacking hydration. (Also check the products you are using.)

That brings me to this mask which on the first use you might want silky feeling hair but thats not what hydration is about. It’s about in the inside of the curls and making sure they are hydrated for the week so you can get to 3-4 day hair without it breaking off like bark! This is very creamy and also light weight for a mask which I prefer. It’s got avocado oil which I lovee. My hair was left feeling very healthy after using this and seems like a no fuss hair mask. I wasn’t blown away but I could feel like my hair has had some essential oils and hydration after using.


There were some hits and misses for me with these products, I was left feeling disappointed with the wash routine but the styling products proved to very promising and a joy to use. I was happy to find another styling gel to add to my arsenal for sure. I’d be interested to try other products from this brand for sure as they have a really wide range of products and they all smell beautiful!

**I was kindly gifted these and all opinions are my own.


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