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Function of beauty is the worlds first fully customisable hair care brand that allows you to create your own shampoo and conditioner and styling products based on your individual hair needs. Function Of Beauty first caught my eye with their beautiful packaging, soft colours and unique business model. As a self confessed hair care junkie/ someone who would love to one day make my own products, Function of Beauty was all my manifestations come true!

All Function of Beauty products are formulated without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, or gluten. Our products are also all certified vegan and cruelty-free. We use more than 60 natural ingredients in our custom formulations to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals.

Function of Beauty emphasis is being for all hair types and giving the freedom to customise your hair routine to meet your unique hair goals and aesthetic preferences. The haircare brand are very transparent and helpful in explaining their hair products and how to use them, just take a peek at the FAQ!.They also formulate without sulphates and Paraben’s to name a few, however it’s important to note for anyone following the curly girl method they do use silicones which I will touch upon later.

I took the 2-minute hair profile quiz which was easy to use and fun opportunity to reflect what it was I felt was missing from my current hair routine which I hadn’t done in a long time. Here are my quiz results:




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A creamy sulphate-free shampoo that lathers like a feather cushion? This is it. The shampoo smelled amazing like Milkshake 😉 and has a velvety cream texture which spread evenly over my scalp. The shampoo did well in removing all traces of build up while not stripping my hair of it’s natural moisture. This does feel a bit like a luxury shampoo and the way it sparkles in the me pure joy. Shampoos and cleansers are hard to get right when they being formulated for an umbrella of different hair textures and requirements. Customising a shampoo might not seem like the first thing you want customising but after doing this I can see how it compliments my hair needs just right.


The moment this conditioner touched my hair it melted into softness. It’s one of thee most hydrating conditioners I’ve ever used. I use about three pumps and I can start to finger detangle straight away without any effort which is my marker for a good conditioner. The perfect pink shade and scents of milkshake with hints of Shea i’m kinda in love. The formula looks thicker then it looks and feels lightweight and packs a punch. Initially I was worried as it does contain silicones which I was expecting to create buildup and really matte my hair the next day. However, I’m pleased to say I’ve not experienced any of that! Function of Beauty claim they use silicones which are “predominantly water-soluble to help prevent the likelihood of product build-up and loss of volume.” If like me you’re not a strict curly girl method follower then I’d give this a try if your searching for a custom conditioner to meet your unique goals. Would I use this over my non silicones conditioners? Not so much, even though it gives hydration I do see the difference between the too and i’,m still anti-silicone!


Light and fluffy this leave in condition has a watery thick texture and is easy to apply to the hair. I wasn’t as wowed by this product but it did lock in moisture and I used about two pumps. The Leave in provided a decent base for any gels i’ve used to style and hold my curls but for me the stand out stars are the shampoo and conditioner. I wanted to also note I received individuals pumps for each bottle and I’m happy to report its a strong durable pump. I highlight that only after having used a lot of weak, ones in the past and it’s important because the pump helps to get a good amount of product to use. So I hope this tidbit it helpful to some!



Looking back at my hair goals, these products do just that. I can see the definition and shine after using all these products together and my hair feels hydrated and more strong! A custom-made product may seem like a gimmick but my experience is that it’s been pretty spot on to meet my needs. I would recommend to really know your products first before diving in, know your real hair needs and learn what hydration means before taking this quiz.

Thank you to Function of Beauty for this collaboration and letting me experience customising my own shampoo and conditioner which was super fun! If your interested in trying this you can use my promocode SHAMPOO4U at checkout for 20% off your first order over at Function of Beauty website! Off ends 12/31.


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  • M says:

    Wow it’s hard to find a legit review which doesn’t end with a promo code. We all know you are saying good things and literally not one negative because they are paying you and sending you free shit. Good to know you can be bought

    • ooemzoo says:

      Hi M! I actually wasn’t paid for this post but was kindly gifted the products. The promo code is for my readers I make no money by sharing this code. The whole review was honest, I wasn’t wowed by the leave in so I would say please re-read and you will spot the negative. But I did enjoy using these and they gave me good results.

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