My Hair in Year View 2019

Top Left beginning of the year. Top Right in feb after hair cut. Bottom left in Autumn after dyeing hair brown. And bottom Right end of year.


My last year view was for 2017. I read this back for the first time in prep for writing this and it’s been so insightful and gratifying to see how much i’ve progressed with my blog.

On the one hand there is a lot still the same. My inconsistent posting schedule and my narrative of coming ‘full circle’ back to brown hair. from blonde AGAIN. However, my perspective has now changed on these things. Now I don’t feel so guilty about my post schedule. I’m a ‘part-time blogger’ and post when I am happy with the content. I view my blog more as a hobby as it originally was then side hustle as I felt pressured to.

I may go back Blonde in 2020 but again I feel less pressure either way, I’ve found a great hair colourist and I feel i’m in safe hands. Finally.


Did I straighten my hair?

This year I straightened my hair once for my trip to China and Hong Kong. I regretted that decision on reflection. In countries where you don’t have a lot of representation, I don’t want to conform and I want to be proud of my natural hair. The the rest of the year has been natural. Towards the end I thought about it but now it’s more of a I want to change it up for a special day, bday, new years etc. Interestingly I’ve found the more I say no to straightening it the more I feel empowered wearing my natural hair.

Trying New Things

I’m a self confessed lazy curly girl and luckily i’ve found the healthier my hair the less maintenance it has become over the years. However, the start of this year I wore my hair tied back a lot. This wasn’t laziness but I had a rough start to the year emotionally and being able to present myself to the world felt like a big task. Makeup included. On the flip side it taught me to care less about my hair and how I used it to cover how I looked. I’ve become more comfortable showing my face and not caring what others think as much. However, It’s still an ongoing progress for sure.

I also air dried my hair more successfully then I ever have other years. A good sign of healthy hair. Using the diffuser less is something I want to do but my biggest enemy is time, but knowing I can get some good results now i’ll be doing it more in 2020.


Favourite products & experiences

Only Curls, Flora & Curl new productsand Bourn Beautifuls (yet to review) really stood out to me this year. Special shout out to Lotta Body Conditioner and moose and the Elfy Naturals Curl Boosterand Olew Conditioner (to be reviewed). I was a little rigid in the products I used this year, preferring to use products for a longer period of time because I knew worked for my hair. I believe this is a better way to go around it but it just meant my content output wasn’t as consistent.

I also got to experience a fab hair cut at Curl Talk, go to the Hair Crush eventand Olew Photoshoot and the Oso Curly video shoot. There were some other things I missed out on but I realised what I was and wasn’t comfortable doing. I say yes without thinking or prepping myself and then it makes for a not so fun experience. In 2020 I want to be able to say no with good intentions and say yes with more focus and preparation. At the end of this year I got to work with a big brand which I was so happy to be apart of! It’s great to have brands want to work with me but 2020 needs to be the year brands have more budget for micro influencers. This is a whole different blog post but I hope brands can see that micro influencers are just as important.

Whats next for 2020?

In 2020 I’m not planning any major changes. I was brainstorming in middle of this year about things I can do but in the end I didn’t feel ready to take on any big ventures alongside progressing in my main 9-5 career. However, I’ve seen more dialogue about how not everything has to be a side hustle and that resonated with me in regards to this blog. I love doing it as a hobby. I don’t enjoy it when I feel pressure to make money, work with brands or gain numbers. I enjoy sharing my experiences and advice and helping people out. And I think for 2020 i’ll have less guilt and more fun!



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