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Jan 16th Nia (Niathelight formally frogirlginny and creator of happyfroday) opened her own curly salon in North London. The Curl Bar London. Nia was one of the first curly girls I followed on Instagram and who i’ve had the pleasure of watching grow online. An inspiring young woman who has given back to her community at every step of her career, it was lovely to see her embark on this new venture that gave curlies a real life save space offline.

A quiet area in north London with an intimate setting of dusty pinks, streams of light and simple decor, it seemed like a my dream salon. I was warmly greeted into the salon and Nia greeted me with a big smile and made me feel like a treasured customer who has been many times before. As a smaller salon there was one other woman getting her hair done and for anyone who may feel salon settings are an intimidating place this may be a environment you would appreciate more then others.

I received a consultation of what I wanted and it felt like an easy process. I always suggest taking some reference photos of hair styles you like/ want to achieve. I showed one picture and was pretty open to see how Nia would cut my hair/ style me, I only asked not too much be cut off. I had the dry cut by Nia (Now listed as The Nia Cut) and paid a £10 deposit and £42. This was the first time I had a complete full dry cut. I tried to come prepared and mostly air-dryed my hair and gently styled it. My top tip is to always try and go to the salon with how you would wear your natural hair so the stylist can get a good look of your preference. I went in for a trim and a light shape up, nothing too drastic. One side of my hair tends to overgrow and I wanted some layers to help create some volume.

Watching a dry cut has to be one of the most satisfying things ever, I loved watching the precision, detail and care go into every cut. It seems like it’s random but also mathematically calculated at the same time. While I was in the chair I got to hear how it’s been an amazing positive experience so far for Nia and how she loves being at her salon. I couldn’t help but feel she transported her instagram page to a real life place and took what is sometimes seen in the media as a negative force into a positive. It highlighted that it’s all about what you do with your influence that matters the most.

This may have been the fastest haircut ever, I was in and out in before I knew it which I loved. I usually end up going home and restyling my hair after a cut but this one looked even better when I got home, I loved the length and the way my curls fell it felt natural and stylish. I feel excited and happy to go back for another cut and try the other treatments Curl Bar have to offer! So thank you to Nia and Curl Bar team. x

When was the last time you had your hair cut? Share your experiences with me!


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