Review: Bourn Beautiful Naturals -Avocado Smoothie Conditioner & Leave Me Be Leave in Conditioner


Bourn Beautiful Naturals

Bourn Beautiful Naturals is a female black owned company in the UK (aka everything I love to support) Creator Kadian has created some beautiful vibrant products that to me make haircare fun again. I previously reviewed the Coconut Cream Deep Conditioner (A FAVE) and ever since I had been wanting to try more of these products that are all natural and have a lovely price-point for anyone looking to go natural and not spend big bucks.


Avocado Smoothie Conditioner

The very first BBN product ever created. This rinse-out conditioner is silicone-free food for your curls. Think of it as a nutritious green smoothie, but for your hair. Filled with slippery elm extract and fatty alcohols for slip, antioxidants, hempseed oil for barrier protection and anti-itch properties, and easily-absorbed avocado oil. This rinse-off conditioner will effortlessly detangle and leave hair feeling soft, smooth and strong.

Avocado is an ingredient I’ve been secretly in love but didn’t know it yet. Having used a mini oil tester this year and using raw avocado in a DIY hair mask,  both worked great and I could feel and see the results in my happier curls. So, avocado became an ingredient I was keen to try in a conditioning treatment. Lo and be hold Bourn Beautiful gave me my wish! A realllyyy creamy light green texture, I used up this conditioner faster than any other I have because of the generous amounts I used each time, I couldn’t get enough of it. I love how it helps to detangle the hair and it’s not too heavy or extra light but a creamy texture that makes for good slip. Most importantly it leaves my hair feeling smooth and healthy after rinsing. I’ll be sure to repurchase.


Leave Me Be Leave In Conditioner

This is a no-fuss leave in conditioner with no fancy smells or ingredients but acts like a protective plain canvas base for any extra styling products you want to use on top.

This lightweight conditioner locks moisture into just-cleansed tresses, smoothing the hair cuticle and acting as a protective foundation for styling products to follow. Glycerine-free, and silicone-free, it is a perfect foundation for styling gels or creams

I liked using this leave in conditioner and liked how it didn’t weigh my hair down at all. However, I found myself not reaching for it so much because it didn’t have that extra pizzaz compared to some other leave in’s I have. For me it didn’t help define the curls enough along with a styling gel, it left my curls a lil too soft for me which wasn’t helpful in trying to get more then 2 days hair. I really appreciate this having no scent and it’s more protective qualities and I’m sure people who are looking for something stripped back, very natural and no frills will love it even more. It works well with all products and does a good job for the price so you can’t really go wrong.



Bourn Beautiful Naturals offer some amazing products for such affordable prices. I’m thrilled this is an option and I feel like shouting it from the rooftop. And while I’ve only tried three products I’d be happy to spend my money to try more and especially the body range, which is something I don’t usually take an interest in. This is perfect for children, teens and adults not looking to spend ridiculous amounts on their hair.



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