As I Am – Long and Luxe Pomegranate & Passion Fruit Shampoo and Conditioner

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As. I. Am.

This is our slogan and our truth.

As I am is a US Afro hair care brand born out of the brains from master chemist Dr. Ali N. Syed, a renowned expert on the research and care of African descent hair texture. A staple in the afro hair community with a range of different lines and products for different hair needs, there is something for everyone. The Long and Luxe collection is comprised of 7 products for hair types 3-4 and are “infused with Pomegranate & Passion Fruit.” and is “The perfect regimen from start-to-finish for naturalistas to grow their hair longer and stronger.” I was excited to try out these products that looked like they could transform my hair by strengthening my curls.


Labelled ‘strengthening’ I found this shampoo does all that and more. The Shampoo has a red watery gel consistency that lathers gently on the scalp and instantly diffuses a strong fragrance of passion fruit and pomegranate. This makes for a real ‘luxe’ experience making me feel like i’m about to get a relaxing head massage. I found the shampoo successfully removes product build up when really worked into the scalp and left a couple of minutes. It left my scalp and hair feeling soft to the touch, maybe too soft for some who are used to that stripped feeling, however, for sensitive scalps this is perfect for you. I’ve not been excited by shampoos over the years but I found this one to be enjoyable to use, soft and gentle enough to prep the hair for any type of conditioner.


A favourite of mine in 2020, I found myself reaching again and again for this conditioner as it did everything I ever wanted a hair conditioner to do. After rinsing out the shampoo the conditioner adds to the hydrating work of its predecessor. The texture is a pale red cream that looks like strawberry yoghurt and smells of sweet sweet passion fruit. My hair loves this so much and it shows. Big boy ingredients such as shea butter, coconut, jojoba and castor oil make for a super moisturising, strengthening feeling of the hair leaving you with that all desired slip. You can also leave this on longer for a deeper penetration. I can confirm it does what it says on the tin “detangles, moisturises and strengthens hair”.


After using this power couple for a few months and consistently, my hair looks, smells and feels its best. My hair is soft to touch and primed for styling products which leave my hair looking glossy and super healthy. My hair has grown since using these but i’ve also been in lockdown… but I can confirm an improvement in health and strengthening my curls. I would highly recommend this duo for all hair types, especially those who have damaged hair, sensitive scalps and don’t mind sweet smelling products/fragrance. As I Am also have impressed me and I will be purchasing again as my conditioner has run out and I am keen to see what else they have up their sleeves.

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