The Beginning:

I am mixed race and i was born with curly hair.. as you could probably guess! The problem from the beginning is my mum did not know how to handle it, there was no one around to help and so my hair was just brushed. when your young it looks cute but as you grow older it becomes problematic, its frizzy, long and just all over the place! I remember really wanting long straight hair, very envious of my friends whose hair was long and straight. Then i just started to plait my hair, tie it back and i didn’t look pretty and there was nothing much i could do with it… that was when i discovered straighteners..


Straight, Straight, Straight!

I straightened my hair a few times and I really liked it, much more than my curly hair, I wanted this to be permanent I thought. And so me and my mum discovered relaxers, I remember at the time beign happily surprised and amazed that this existeI! i was like all my problems will be solved! however because it was too expensive to get it down at a salon my mum bought a kit to do at home, just like dyeing your hair!

We did it and it worked! however the texture was straw like and i was deeply upset but i thought hey ho it will only be for some weeks max 3 months? and i continued to plait my hair. However some weeks/months down the line i realised when i straightened it, it gave me the straight hair kind of texture that I wanted, and sooo the GHDS commended and I knew the secret!


Peoples Reactions:

I got alot of compliments with my hair straight and so that’s always an encouraging factor but also subconsciously this is negative towards your natural hair, I mean why would you want curly hair when everyone is complimenting your straight hair,, even family!

September 2013

When the straight allusion begins to wave:

After a long time, a year? i don’t know my time very well but the beginning of 2012, late 2011 My hair had begun to become more wavy and i was quite pleased with this as the relaxed lasted in my hair way longer than i thought/ would have liked it to have! and so i saw the damage the heat was making to my hair (plus i used no heat protection) this wavyness was simply limp lifeless, my curls were no more, but i knew i was tired of straightened, the heat and fakeness, plus it was getting thin and i needed volume.



The road to recovery!

And so throughout 2012 i grew my hair out as the ends were literally straight and i went for frequent trims and i just tried my best the reawaken my curls and leave it natural, i invested in a diffuser after a trip to the salon and the hairdresser pulled one out! i was amazed, thinking wow there is actual tools for curly hair! I started collecting products also to try to help.

June 2012
June 2012

2013 the year i got my curls back! – The curl girl method

The internet is a great place to share and gain information and it makes me wonder why I never looked curly hair up! because there is a secret community just underneath with worlds of information! and I was able to discover this, I was pretty blown away with the amount of info and products that go into curly hair, but I knew it was true. I adopted the curly girl method after briefly reading about it but also that so many people were doing it. It was like a way of life, a philosophy that I wanted to adopt, be apart of. I never thought I’d’d change so much about my hair routine but I did and I am proud I did because I can honestly say my hair has changed for the better! and I’ve seen the results, frequent trims and lots of dyes I might add, but my curls are back and bouncing! its amazing!

August 2013

Happier but still on a Journey!

I learned alot in 2012 & 2013 about loving who you are, loving the natural you, don’t try and hide it but rather embrace it and make the best you can, to its full potential, I am so much more confident than the girl who had her hair tied back, now I am too self-conscious to do that! (that’s a whole other story) but I love my hair down and it receives way more compliments than my straight hair ever did! I hope this story was helpful, as I know ALOT of girls with curls go through the exact same thing, but a times are a changin’ a curl revolution is among us haha and curls are so in! 😉

Christmas Day 2013

please feel free to tell my your hair journey!