1. Everyday I wet my hair to start clean and get the best curls, second day hair never satisfies me and I kind of gave up on it, so most days when I am going out i will re do my hair.
  2. I squeeze a ball sized amount of the KINKY Curly Knot Today, my go to leave in conditioner. It’s not too thick and never weighs down my hair. I also Love the texture. I then simply comb this through my hair using my fingers, and after before applying a curl hold, I brush through my hair with a normal hair brush.
  3. My second go to which can do no wrong but get the job done is the Boots Curl Cream This is so inexpensive it’s saved my life. I don’t use as much of this as i properly should, but two scoops of my finger is usually enough. I rake this through my hair from the top to the bottom and the usually brush my hair to make sure its all in there.
  4. After I have applied all products. (2) I scrunch my hair, as It can be lazy and not even curl!
  5. I then go on to diffuse my hair. I part my hair in 2 sections.. the right and left side and diffuse each for about 5 minutes each, before turning my hair upside down and doing that while also flipping my hair from side to side and diffusing the sides. I takes around 25/30 mins for a good hair dry for me, where I feel satisfied. I am in dire need of a new diffuser as well as the diffuser bit keeps falling off making the blow drying process all the more annoying!*cries*
  6. Last but not least I simple use my afro comb to give me some volume and shape the hair. You can use fingers which I sometimes do. However the comb is my new best friend!!