Don’t Let Your Curls Define You.

So you have finally made it. After 5 years of getting the big chop, releasing you from your damaged ends your curls are now popping. Free of silicones, parabens and sulphates you got all the… View Post

My Self-Care Tips

Having curly hair is a high maintenance lifestyle not many people know about. (The question; what do you put in your hair? is not so simple to answer) Unfortunately for us our neglect of ourselves shows itself mostly through our hair. It can become matted, permanently in a bun, frizz everywhere. I’ve not been able to make an appearance on Instagram due to these reasons. My hair is not perfectly coily everyday without a frizz in sight. Sometimes I just do not have the energy to wash, finger detangle, apply three separate products, scrunch, diffuse for 35 mins or more and pick my hair with an afro comb trying to get the best possible volume. I can’t do these steps when I’m already struggling to get out of the bed.… View Post

Confident Curls

Growing up with curly hair was not fun, partly not knowing how to manage my hair and partly because I was a really ‘shy’ kid at school and around people in general. So ‘shy’ I… View Post

Beginner’s Guide to Finger-Detangling

  I’ve said this a lot recently but I am a newly converted finger detangler! I know a lot of curly girls already do this and for some years now I’ve been too stubborn/unable to… View Post

MOROCCO – Honest Reflections on Social Media & Perfectionism

 I arrived in Morocco with Straight hair and left with curly hair. The pictures here aren’t the best of my hair, All I applied was a leave in conditioner by Curly Ellie and then let… View Post