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Starting a new self-care journey – Back to the basics.

True Essence is a self-care Instagram page run by my good and close friend Portia. We thought it would be great to have her guest post on my blog to share her hair story and new embarkment on caring for her natural. I hope this can inspire anyone who is just beginning or others with […]

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Review: Boucleme Cleanser, Conditioner & Cream

Boucleme is a UK born and bred haircare range that first came on the scene and my radar in 2015. This was around the time I became obsessed with trying out new products to see what worked for me and helped my natural hair journey. I ordered their travel size kit and wrote what was […]

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Updated Hair Journey

I had recently been asked to share my Curl Story over on the Instagram CurlStory, go over and check out the page for my story but also other curly girls. After also seeing the fabulous frogirl Ginny’s story on youtube and After being asked, this got me thinking of my own journey, and how I’ve […]

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